Hair Flowers

LToy Collection, Barrett's Basement, DIY My HouseI ditched work to make Ryan a Grumpy Cat sweater. I allowed myself one weird item from Crafty Planet; the quilt shop 2.5 blocks from my house. So I bought 2 plastic fabric flower templates.


I was deconstructing old garments and decided to practice on the scraps.



I found the process relaxing. I shrunk the pattern and started making Tiny Hair Flowers:


Shop and buy items on Etsy.

Bonnaroo 2017

 IMG_4851  IMG_4836  IMG_4833
 IMG_4830  IMG_4827  IMG_4824

2016 Bonnaroo

 IMG_4849  IMG_4847  IMG_4845
 IMG_4843  IMG_4841  IMG_4839

3/$10 Tiny Hair Flower packs

IMG_4856 IMG_4861 IMG_4866.JPG

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