Made By Music

I live for live music, but it could kill me. After passing out at a Pearl Jam concert, I developed light sensitive complex migraines. The results of the EEG and MRI show I have a healthy brain, but certain lighting triggers intense migraines. I’ve adapted. I’ve started bringing craft projects to shows so I look at the stage less. I’m sure it is strange seeing someone craft during Chance the Rapper, but I am learning not to care.

Road 2 Roo – The annual pilgrimage to Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester Tennessee. My 3rd, Ryan’s 11th. We volunteered as a group last year and this year I was staff for the Access Team. I had a migraine that prevented me from watching the shows, so I crafted:

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is the heart of Tiny Hair Flowers. I invented them as a means to reduce anxiety during the 17 hour car ride. This year I created more artistic tags.

Bonnaroo 2017

 IMG_4851  IMG_4836  IMG_4833
 IMG_4830  IMG_4827  IMG_4824

2016 Bonnaroo

 IMG_4849  IMG_4847  IMG_4845
 IMG_4843  IMG_4841  IMG_4839

3/$10 Tiny Hair Flower packs

IMG_4856 IMG_4861 IMG_4866.JPG

Special Order: email me at with the subject ‘hair flower’ or ‘t-short’ and we can discuss the process. Hair Flowers starting at $5 a piece and t-Shorts $15.
May’s Music:Ryan’s Records – Ryan has an amazing record collection. We listen, he video games, I craft.

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