Travel Case – Back from Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival is the time of year I reset and recharge. This year a migraine prevented me from ‘seeing’ most shows and I worked for the Access Team to help make the event accessible for people with disabilities. Read more here.

Traveling with anxiety and migraine can be difficult, but I refuse to sit still. I make the most of every trip by mixing work with pleasure; while testing my travel accessory inventions and taking many pictures.

See vacation photos here.

Car Crafts – I prepackage boxes with a variety of crafting projects for long road trips. I find if my hands are distracted, I am less of a backseat driver.

Travel Case – Along with my vintage luggage collection, I’ve repurposed books, VHS tapes, bored game boxes and other items into boxes for travel.

Working Vacations – I prefer working while on vacation otherwise I get bored.

  • Bonnaroo Music Festival, Access Team Staff, 2017. Volunteer 2016.
  • Sea Puffers group cruise for people with oxygen dependency, 2015, 2017

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