Working on my Image Problem

20,000+ images are currently waiting to be properly sorted and categorized. I love taking pictures, but struggle with keeping an organized image library. The goal of this project is to create an online image library that can house all of my current images and grow in the future.

Taking pictures is in my blood. My father’s father was a photographer in WWII. My father is an amateur that learned from his uncle who was a professional. I started taking a lot of pictures in high school when I had access to a 1-hour photo machine while working at Snyder’s Drug. I bought my first digital camera in 2003 for a study abroad trip to Ireland and now have over 20,000 images to work with.

Instagram – I started Instagram in the beginning of 2016. I post about 3 images a day.

Flickr – I started uploading my images to Flickr in 2011, but stopped in 2014 when I felt the albums were too difficult to organize.

Interest in Pinterest


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